Lost Funds / balance

Could you perhaps explain why my account balance is zero?

A year ago I made a transfer to Nabox wallet and it arrived there too.

Because the crypto market was in a dip, it was not looked at again for a long time.

I redownloaded the app to the latest
version but no results.

Hopefully you can help me.

Greetz Gerard

Hello. I was scammed in nabox. I was working with it daily and one day all my money dissappeared! 16 k. Somebody, an answer?

Has your wallet been upgraded to the latest version?
Have you imported the correct wallet private key?
Please confirm whether the wallet addresses are consistent.
Nabox is a secure decentralized multi-chain wallet.
If you still have problems, please ask for help on Telegram Telegram: Contact @Nabox_Wallet

Downloaded the latest Nabox and entered an account.
To date my balance is ZERO.
I still find it strange that with my input and transaction there is no booking path to see where it went.
Help via telegram is nil and always a different person who just shouts the same story as now.
This is a sad story

Please join Telegram: Contact @naboxcommunity

Admin never DM you first and they will never ask for funds! Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Please share your wallet address, I can help you check the transaction history on the explorer.

Dear, how nice of you to respond.
Here is some more information about the transaction.



NULS Explorer (nulscan.io)

62,769.57005973 NULS in your wallet

Glad you were able to find something. I have now reinstalled everything and am on my account.
So far I don’t see anything, but that’s because I don’t see my wallet address where the balance should be stored. How can I make this visible now?

The address on the screenshot is not your wallet address. Please import the correct private key

No, that is correct and I have previously explained that importing with my private key and QR code does not work. I am logged in with my seeds and can prove that the coins are mine.
you should be able to recover my private key

Nabox is a decentralized wallet. We don’t store the user’s private key and password. It is always in the hands of the user.

Let’s chat on telegram, Telegram: Contact @Nabox_Wallet

I have a password en seeds what is working. The private key and QR code didnot

My wallet adres was over a tear visible and than gone for me

NOTE: Don’t send private keys, passwords or mnemonics over the network

In which wallet was this address originally created? iOS or Android?

62,769.57005973 NULS is still in your wallet.
You just need to import the correct private key or mnemonic phrase. Please find it, no one can help you otherwise.