FEATURE: passcode lock

I know #Nabox have fingerprint app lock feature in the wallet but.
#Nabox really want Passcode lock :lock: feature 4 digitise or 6 digitise.
Why we need it.
Fingerprint lock have security issues.
Suppose you are in a situation where someone force you to unlock :unlock: your wallet, you denied so thay can take your finger print :paw_prints: forcefully or thay can harm you,
That’s the reason password or passcode lock is the best.
And multiple lock options is also the smart decision.
What #Nabox say’s?

Thanks for your feedback, I will feed it back to the technical team. At the same time, you are welcome to leave a message below this event and give your suggestions and feedback at any time: A Bounty Program for Early Supporters of Nabox| Nabox产品体验反馈奖励计划