A Bounty Program for Early Supporters of Nabox| Nabox产品体验反馈奖励计划

Dear Boxers,

It’s been a whirlwind 2021 and Nabox has seen numerous improvements and additions to its product line (SwapBox, ParaBox) as well as integrated numerous new chains (Polygon, Harmony, KCC, Heco, OEC).

We are still in a very early stage of development and have much to look forward to.

To reward active users, we have created a bounty program where useful suggestions and feedback in different areas, be it product, UI/UX, feature ideas, marketing ideas etc that could help us build a better Nabox, will be rewarded.


  • Suggestions to be submitted on this page.
  • Winning suggestions will be selected on a monthly basis and announced on Twitter.
  • 5 - 20 good ideas will be selected monthly and rewarded with 500,000 $NABOX each.
  • The rewards will be claimable on ParaBox.
  • We reserve the rights to alter the rules where we deem fit.


大家好 !

我们的Nabox App上线至今,得到了数万社区小伙伴的鼎力支持。


Nabox旗下生态主要有:Chrome插件钱包、安卓/ iOS移动端钱包、多链资产智能跨链兑换聚合器SwapBox、空投工具ParaBox。已支持Ethereum、BSC、Polygon、Harmony、KCC、Heco、OEC、NULS、NerveNetwork和自定义EVM系列公链,即将支持对接Avalanche、Fantom、Cronos 、Tron 等网络 。根据项目未来的规划发展,还会有KeyBox、PayBox、NFT、GameFi等领域产品/工具的相继推出。



  • 我们将按月筛选出5-20条有效的改进建议或Bug反馈,每条奖励500,000 NABOX;

  • 每期获奖的社区小伙伴名单,我们会公布在Nabox论坛和推特渠道;

  • 获得奖励的社区小伙伴,请在ParaBox中领取您的奖励;

  • 最终解释权归Nabox团队所有,随着市场的不断变化,我们可能会适时调整奖励金额。

社区小伙伴们,抛出您的法宝锦囊,请在本论坛下方留下您的宝贵建议吧! :partying_face: :star_struck: :blush:



It’s really a great program for users.

Btw, seems like I’m facing this problem when using Vietnamese. When I access to Swapbox, the language automatically change to Chinese but not English. How can

I fix it?

3:夜间模式(Dark Mod)

I have some suggestions:

  • Add the “Clear Cache” tool so that we can disconnect from the Dex exchange after swap
  • Add the “Alert” whenever we Sending or Receiving token/coin
  • Add the “Price Alert” for token/coin
  1. More real-time token price chart
  2. Add swap mode in 1 button that integrates swapbox, pancakeswap, apeswap, iswap… on the main screen
  3. Add the word password or 6-digit pin code when recovering the account 12 keywords will be more secure for the account
  4. Let address to get token in an easy-to-see position. The original address token into another position to help when transferring token
    Thanks admin

1.Should we choose bigger exchanges to increase the liquidity of the token and create good chemistry in its marketing? This approach has proven useful before the bitmart exchange was hacked.
2.You can contact some high-quality currencies to join our farm, single currency pledge, this option will also be a good way to attract users.
3.As I said before, I believe that the team is good, but sometimes they are too obsessed with technology development and ignore the development of the community. The public-facing stuff is a little too technical. I believe that many people are not very familiar with technology now. So hopefully it will be better to use a relatively simple form when publishing any results

  1. I hope the project needs more swapping feature. so that users can exchange more conveniently on the exchange
  2. Add “Price Alert” for tokens/coins
  3. URL of real-time currency price trends in the leap contract! Jump at one point (such as poocoin, dextools)

Please update

1.multi add contract in new Token/coin received
2.space for NFT collection

2 updates so fast admin…

Clear bug bug discover browsing

Thanks for opportunity…

I am very happy with nabox, I really support it, because nabox supports many blockchain networks without adding networks manually, but I’m still having a little trouble using it. please simplify the uid display,
and add a nft market specifically for nabox like et’s opensea so I can work and sell my nft with nabox costs and I hope the fee is small

Hello, i have some suggestions for the platforms,


1- The user interface must be more user friendly, it should be based on eye catching light colors.

2- There should be tabs for the blockchains on left with icons (of that blockchain).

3- There should be a seperate tab on top left or right to choose wallet.

4- The receiving address must not be reflected on main page with token names, it could be shown only by clicking receive button on any token that a person clicks.

5- There should be everything seperate, like wallets should have a seperate tab in the bottom along with other tabs like ‘trade/swap’ (that could be linked with parabox/swapbox etc whatever,which could take user on that swap page). The bridge tab must be included in bottom tabs, after someone clicks bridge, the next page appears should show the text ‘lowest bridging price for crosschain swaps’ . There should be a tab for settings that could include dark/light theme switch button, etc


1- So far so good, but still you should add FTM it is growing rapidly. More blockchains must be included atleast in wallet.

2- The Nerve bridge sometimes goes down, that affects your users.

3- Introduce it as all blockchains wallet, it looks like a nulls wallet more.

4- The most needed thing is that you must add more coins in the wallet, there are very less coins,or you must allow users to add through adding by smart contracts manually, but there should be many coins that should reflect in wallet, i found only one coin Matic in matic blockchain, what if user wants usdt matic or usdc, you should add these in built-in.

5- You must include a wallet/tab for ERC-721 and eip-1155 NFT assets (Either with same wallet address or seperate wallet for NFTs, but should be same address for both tokens and nfts).

6- Introduce an option for liquidity with some higher APY (atleast in beggining). Its must needed these days, that strengthen’s base token too.

7- You should add some swap and earn or bridge n earn features or stakings to earn etc that attracts community.

Rest everything i found it better, atleast as far as i have used.


The last and most needed thing which is missing is strong marketing, you must throw coinmarketcap airdrops rather than just by posting on twitter.

Do partnersips with different Dapps,c

To be cont…


Do partnersips with different Dapps,coins and promote by some activities and ask user to deposit that coin or swap etc and earn some in return or etc,whatever you think better (just marketting).

These were my loyal suggestions for this growing project, wish to win and work as team.

Name: Asad Jafri
Twitter: @jafri101
Telegram: @jafri101

Update your app and I’m also using this it’s working smoothly maybe update issue

1 add Tab NFT collection
2 stake direct from wallet
3 Price Alert
4 Portofolio
5 swap direct wallet
6 set theme Dark mode/light
7 Pin/fingerprint to open
8 wallet connect session
9 wacth wallet this for use to wacth address from hardwallet
10 more language and currency
for marketing need people know about nabox add airdrop on coinmarketcap ,dappradar

that its for now so farm is easy for use i like the UI easy to add custom network thank you good job team

Thanks for your feedback, we will fix it in the next version :handshake:


Already updated the newest version bro

Maybe they fix this issue in next update I will raise this issue brother don’t worry . Good luck

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Thank you for this opportunity and this time I want to express my opinion while using Nabox Wallet.

I’ll start with the complaints I’ve had.
Updates for the Nabox Wallet application must always be made to avoid the risk of harming users, but please consider every update considering all aspects, unlike the recent update (Nabox App V 2.1.4) the update you did caused new problems, some of the problems:

  1. Always appears a “Parameter Error” notice
  2. Balance does not appear especially for BSC Network.
  3. ParaBox Error

I’ve left a review to admin to solve the problem and I know it will take time. I believe the problem makes users uncomfortable, so they switch to using another Wallet.

My advice
Don’t be in a hurry to update, if you think the update isn’t perfect and it creates new problems that make users uncomfortable. To be honest, before experiencing this problem, I was very comfortable with Nabox Wallet, both customer service, features and even airdrops.

My hope for the development of Nabox Wallet in the future.

  1. Multi-Chain
    Now indeed Nabox App has become a Multi-Chain Wallet provider but there are still many Networks that have not been provided, such as AVAX Chain, Fantom Chain and others. If all Networks are complex in the Nabox App isn’t the possibility that users will use the Nabox App will be higher?

  2. NFTs Wallet
    Currently all blockchain-based games that we usually know as #Metaverse must have valuable NFTs, Nabox Wallet must be able to meet consumer needs in order to compete with other providers.

  3. Wallet Hardware
    Although currently the use of hardware wallets is still not familiar and is still used as an alternative option, but I believe in the future this will be something that everyone should have. Nabox Wallet can make this a transportation to catch up in other fields, besides that this can also make the Nabox App more known to everyone.

  4. Community Management
    I think this is one of the factors in the development of a project, you need the role of loyal community members. If they come just for the airdrop then you will only be famous, not with other benefits that can be obtained from royal community members.

  5. Collaboration
    This will build strong fundamentals, if you can collaborate with characters or actors who have a worldwide reach.

I think this is enough to relieve all the feelings that need to be expressed, sorry if there are sentences or words that are not quite right. Regard ez16ozc

Twitter : @ez16ozc
Telegram : @ez16ozc

Hello sir !
I hope you fix the problem when nabox claims in parabox and also why there is always an error parameter display. I hope you add an incoming transfer notification feature to the wallet. Thank you.


Why parameter error ?