Proposal to introduce Nabox ID product and use NABOX Token for registration

Dear community members,

I am here to introduce Nabox and its new product, Nabox ID, and hope that the community will consider introducing this product and using NABOX Token for registration. Nabox is a cross-chain DID application built for Web3. With Nabox, you can manage assets across different blockchains whether for DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and other use cases that come up. Nabox is your gateway to the multi-chain world. Nabox uses an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm as the basis of Nabox’s DID. Users use the same set of keys and public keys to manage assets and data on different blockchains.

With the development of Nabox, we have launched a new product called Nabox ID. This product is a decentralized identity verification system designed to provide a higher level of security and privacy protection. Unlike traditional identity verification systems, Nabox ID uses a decentralized approach and does not require users to provide personal information, only using digital signatures for identity verification. This makes Nabox ID better able to protect user privacy.

Nabox ID allows users to link their Web2 social identity with their Web3 account and generate their own personalized business card. Nabox ID will contribute to Web3 users’ identity verification in the future through social relationships and Web3 accounts while fully protecting their privacy.

Now, we plan to use NABOX Token as the only way to register for Nabox ID. Specifically, users need to own 1,000,000NABOX, 2,000,000NABOX, or 3,000,000NABOX respectively to register and obtain a Nabox ID. The registration fee for Nabox ID will burn 50%, and the other 50% will be used to reward those who recommend others to register for Nabox ID.

To ensure community participation and feedback, we need to conduct a vote. Community members can express their support or opposition to this proposal through voting. We will carefully listen to the feedback from the community and make the final decision.

On behalf of the Nabox team, I would like to thank the community for their support and participation. We believe that with our joint efforts, Nabox ID will provide security and privacy protection for Web3 users.