Problem to transfer nuls to binance by app

Im trying to transfer some nuls to binance but i have the message transaction failed…Help help

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Its a scam my friend. I lost 16k. I would love getting the mfs

Plz ask NULS team guys to help.
His telegram handle:

Hey how can i help you?
Nabox is just a decentralized wallet. We do not manage and store users’ private keys, mnemonic phrases and passwords. The administrator will not ask you for funds either.

Hey! Ive been talking about this for months. I honestly dont believe you you will help me. I talked with lots and lots of people already. So if you can help me do it please. I will pay you. I have their wallets, everything

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Sorry, I can’ t help you.
I’m not sure if your NULS address is locked. Please DM @Nulser on Telegram and he will help you

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