Nabox×Mojito×CoolMining Trading Contest

Trading $COOHA on MojitoSwap using Nabox Wallet to share $2500 in tokens and NFTs

We are excited to announce the trading contest, associated with CoolMining and MojitoSwap from KCC.

Facts and Rules about the Contest

  • This contest is for Nabox users only.
  • Download Nabox and set up your account.

  • Access MojitoSwap using Nabox Wallet

  • Trading $COOHA in MojitoSwap using their Exchange features.

  • To be eligible to win, the minimum trading amount must be more than $10 in COOHA

  • Event Duration: 1st May 2022 — 14th May 2022
  • Total Prize Pool: $2500 ($1740 in COOHA + $760 in NFTs**)**
  • The reward will be issued to the wallet address where the transaction is made.

Rewards Allocation

  • The Top 10 users who make COOHA transactions at Mojitoswap will receive the following rewards

Top1: $300 in COOHA + 1 NFT Essential CoolPart (Worth of 88 COOHA)

Top2: $200 in COOHA + 2 NFT Elective CoolPart (Worth of 36 COOHA)

Top3: $100 in COOHA + 1 NFT Elective CoolPart (Worth of 18 COOHA)

Top4–10: $20 in COOHA + 1 NFT Elective CoolPart (Worth of 18 COOHA)

  • The users(Except Top1–10) who trade more than $10 in COOHA will share of $1,000 COOHA prize pool!

About CoolMining

CoolMining is an on-chain simulation game based on real-life hash power.There are many different gameplays. Players are able to participate as stakers, miners and mining hosts to savor the joy of creation. All hash power in the game corresponds to real-life hash rate. Every player has a chance to earn BTC rewards in CoolMining.

About MojitoSwap

MojitoSwap is a decentralized exchange running on the Kucoin Community Chain, which is dedicated to providing users a fast, inexpensive, and easily accessible gateway to the crypto world, while also building a trustworthy infrastructure for the DeFi and NFT ecosystems on KCC, thus jointly driving common prosperity.