Nabox Weekly Issue 87

Nabox App

  • Acceptance tested the new version of supporting Bitcoin Network.
  • Collated and discussed community feedback on improvements, and some suggestions have been incorporated into the next version of the development.
  • Developed SwapBox to support $WNULS swap;
  • SwapBox supports NerveSwap Automatic routing to swap $USDTN.

Community operation

  • IceCreamSwap supports Nabox Plugin.
  • Started burning 1% from the $NABOX cross-chain transaction by SwapBox and NerveBridge.
  • Nabox & ChainLabs joint announced Weekly Crypto Funding Summary (Feb 20th — Feb 24th, 2023).
  • $SSV is listed on SwapBox.
  • $ZYB is listed on SwapBox.
  • $LDO is listed on SwapBox.
  • ZyberSwap DApp is listed on Nabox.
  • Lido DApp is listed on Nabox.
  • Nabox & Neko Protocol joint airdrop.
  • Nabox & IceCreamSwap joint airdrop.
  • Nabox & AlveyChain joint SwapBox Trading Competition.

Nabox Liquidity Pool Updates

Nabox Community Updates

  • Twitter followers 160.2K.
  • Telegram community members 63.5K.
  • Discord community members 30.5K.

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About Us

Nabox is a Cross-chain DeFi wallet with DID capabilities built for Web3.

Built on the cross-chain friendly NULS blockchain, Nabox enables seamless transactions and swaps across various chains via NerveNetwork technology.

Nabox — the simple, user-friendly gateway to DeFi.