Nabox Weekly Issue 7


  • Completed vaults module backend interface co-debugging
  • Optimized the front-end display of the vaults module
  • Optimized bugs that appear in local joint

Nabox App

  • Transaction details and asset details jump webview style to DApp consistent.
  • Optimized the chain label of the asset list page
  • Tips for optimizing NVT deficiencies in cross-chain transfers
  • Resolved external browser compatibility issues
  • Solved the problem of loss of accuracy when transferring money and cross-link clicking at the maximum
  • Changed the text style of the password box
  • The guide interface for mnemonic and private key import adds sliding function
  • Asset details for NULS and Nerve networks, new available and locked balances
  • Center the title of the DApp interface
  • Redirect to external browser when user taps “Download”
  • Optimized the logic of importing mnemonics and private keys
  • Fixed the problem of logo display at the top of the confirmation transfer interface
  • Fixed import mnemonics enter special characters and multiple spaces will generate new account issues
  • Released the latest version of Nabox App beta

:warning: Note: The private key must be backed up before this update (the private key must be backed up. The mnemonic algorithm has been adjusted, so do not back up the account by backing up the mnemonic). The old version needs to be uninstalled before the new version is installed for this update.

Download the latest version of Android:

iOS latest version download link: Join the Nabox beta - TestFlight - Apple

Community Operation