Nabox Weekly Issue 6


  • Completed front-end SDK API call for vaults.
  • Completed the front-end development of the pool module.
  • Fixed the bug in the self-test process of the front end of the transfer module.
  • Optimized the exchange logic of the Swap module.

Nabox App

  • Now able to use the support panel to open through an external browser.
  • Modified the problem of crashing when the network is bad.
  • Can now create new account and import private key and mnemonic default chain change to Ethereum.
  • Modified the processing logic of mnemonics.
  • Modified the logic of cross-chain transfer to select assets and filter the receiving chain.
  • Added DApp browser open function.
  • Modified mnemonic creation and import page encryption when public key generation failed.
  • Added function to change wallet password.
  • Modified the style of the mnemonic import interface.
  • If two consecutive face payment verification fail, you can enter a password to pay.

Community Operations