Nabox Weekly Issue 2

Development: Nabox Backend

  • Optimized bug that was affecting order of assets
  • Optimized origin chain display for cross-chain transactions
  • Optimized display of favorited assets
  • Optimized bug with multi-chain addresses
  • Optimized images of default assets
  • Optimized recommended DApps and sharing capabilities
  • Resolved issue of excess assets displayed for NULS assets
  • Optimized ordering of chain capabilities

Development: NaboxSwap

  • Added gateway for Swap module to do cross-chain transactions
  • Added fees enquiry for Swap module
  • Added swap order capability for Swap module
  • Completed swap output gateway
  • Completed gateway for periodic enquiry of orders
  • Activated front-end of Nabox Swap

Development: Nabox Mobile Applications

  • Added webview capabilities and optimized to x5
  • On receiving page, added functionality to copy address once tapped on
  • Adjusted UI on DApp menu
  • Completed new themes optimization for wallet
  • Cancelled network request when starting DApp
  • Adjusted tablayout and selection options
  • Increased gaslimit for chains of different structures
  • UI optimization

Community Operations

  • AMA with ChainLabs about Nabox product development
  • AMA with CryptoDiffer
  • AMA with Token Damo
  • Completed distribution of tokens for first community airdrop
  • Added 3 tokens for cross-chain partners

That’s it for this week’s updates!

The Open Beta for Nabox mobile applications will begin very soon, and we look forward to your active participation!