Nabox Weekly Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Nabox Weekly!

Here, we will be sharing snippets of what has been going on behind the scenes here at Nabox.

Markets have been volatile since our launch, but we carry on working hard on development and ongoing partnership discussions.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding since Day 1!

Development: Nabox Backend

  • Auto-detection of network for Nabox DApps
  • Development of NaboxSwap module and RPC tools
  • Addition of personal_sign and eth_sign to Android vault

Development: Nabox iOS

  • UI & design improvements
  • Addition of account switching for DApps
  • Formatting and design of DApp
  • Addition of QR code for User Dashboard
  • Adding of functionality for asset management page

Development: Android

  • Addition of 2 signing gateways for DApp
  • Auto-refresh of stats for each import and creation of wallet
  • Implementation of default assets upon login
  • UI adjustments on icons
  • On-click animation designs for asset-switching
  • Addition of toggles for slippage
  • Implemented auto-detection of network to display only relevant DApps for the applicable network

Community Operations