KCC & Nabox Carnival Week

:partying_face: :star_struck:We are excited to announce the Nabox & KCC Carnival Week event, join us to share a prize pool of $20,000 worth of KCS!

KCC & Nabox Carnival Week

Timeline: 6th May-16th May

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Activity 1:

Airdrop to cross-chain addresses that hold KCS (ETH, BSC, AVAX, etc.)

Facts and rules

During the carnival week, addresses that are newly connected to KCC through Nabox wallet must meet the following criteria to participate in the event:

  1. The address has not connected to KCC before and has never held assets on KCC before the event;

  2. The address had previous transactions on other chains (ETH, BSC, AVAX, etc.) before the event starts.


1. Airdrop based on ranks of KCS held

(a total reward of 1200U equivalent KCS+NFT (Legend3, Epic2, Diamond*5))

  • №1: 300U equivalent KCS + NFT (Legend)
  • №2: 250U equivalent KCS+ NFT (Legend)
  • №3: 200U equivalent KCS+ NFT (Legend)
  • №4–5: 100U equivalent KCS+ NFT (Epic)
  • №6–10: 50U equivalent KCS+ NFT (Diamond)

2. Airdrop for holders (a total reward of 6800U equivalent KCS+NFT (gold*100))

Addresses that meet the requirements and hold more than 1 KCS at the end of the event will jointly share KCS that is worth 6800U, and 100 NFTs (gold) will be airdropped randomly.

After the event starts, two snapshots will be taken at random time, and addresses that meet the requirements for both snapshots will be rewarded.

Activity 2:

Airdrop to users that complete LP task

Facts and rules

Users can also add liquidity to Dex on KCC such as MojitoSwap through Nabox wallet and participate in liquidity farming to get rewards. Ones must meet the following requirements:

  1. Liquidity must be added during the event (05/06–05/16).

  2. Address must harvest reward at least once after staking.

  3. If the address has never connected to KCC before the event and never held assets on KCC, additional rewards will be added.


1. Airdrop based on ranks of liquidity added

(A total of 2100U equivalent KCS+NFT (Legend3, Epic2, Diamond*5))

  • №1: 500U equivalent KCS + NFT (Legend)
  • №2: 400U equivalent KCS + NFT (Legend)
  • №3: 300U equivalent KCS + NFT (Legend)
  • №4–5: 200U equivalent KCS + NFT (epic)
  • №6–10: 100U equivalent KCS + NFT (Diamond)

2. Liquidity Farming airdrop

(A total reward of 6000U equivalent KCS+NFT (gold*100))

During the event, the addresses that meet the participation requirements and hold more than 10U worth of LP at the end of the event will jointly share 6000U worth of KCS, and randomly get 100 NFT (gold) airdrops.

3. Additional rewards for addresses holding cross-chain assets (meet the requirements of Activity 1)

A total of 3900U equivalent KCS+NFT (gold*50).


  1. The prize pool will be shared by all the wallet users who complete the tasks.
  2. Nabox & KCC reserve the right of final interpretation for this event.

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