How to use ParaBox Gift Card?

Dear Naboxers,

Nabox airdrop tool, ParaBox, now has updated to new features — Gift Card, airdrop, and square! Welcome to visit ParaBox by Nabox Wallet App or Chrome plugin.(Link:

The transactions by ParaBox will be recorded on blockchains transparently. The transactions across NERVE network cost you completely 0 gas fee, no matter you send or receive. Now ParaBox has supported assets from 22 blockchain networks, including Ethereum/BSC/Polygon/Avalanche/Heco/OKC/TRON/NULS/ENULS/NERVE/Optimism/Arbitrum/Fantom/Harmony/KCC/Cronos/IoTeX/Metis/Klaytn/smartBCH/KavaEVM/ETHW.

ParaBox also supports Nabox partners and Nabox communities to create airdrops, red packets, and gift cards to give away tokens from different blockchains.

Let’s see how this works! (This tutorial takes iOS version as example.)

1.Enter ParaBox DApp listing on Nabox Wallet

[1] Open Nabox Wallet.

[2] Click upper left logo to switch to any network ParaBox supporting.

[3] Search and find “ParaBox” in DApps and click to enter.

NOTE: Please click “Refresh” if there is no entrance for gift card.

2. Create a gift card

[1] Click “create” and select “Gift Card”.

[2] Fill out the Gift Card name, select gift card asset, type the number of assets in a single gift card, select gift card deadline, and type gift card quantity.

[3] You can check your created Gift Card in the “Record”, then copy the code to send it to the person you want.

3.Claim your Gift Card

[1] Claim your Gift Card in the main page of ParaBox.

[2] Input the code then click “Query”.

[3] Click “Claim” .

[4] After claiming, please remember to add the token on NERVE network to check.

4.Red Packet Square

Everyone can claim one red packet from square.

[1] Click “claim” and choose “square”. Then input red packet name, select red packet asset, type the number of assets in a single red packet, select red packet dealine, and input red packet quantity.

[2] When the transaction is confirmed, you can see the red packets in the square. Click “Cliam” to try your luck.


Airdrop aims to certain NERVE/NULS/EVM addresses.

[1] For projects and users, you can create your own airdrop by ParaBox. Click “create” and choose “aidrop”. Then input airdrop names, select airdrop asset, type the number of airdrop for a single address, select airdrop deadline, and input the address you want.

[2] When corresponding address enters ParaBox, you will see the receivable airdrop.

[3] After claiming your airdrop, please switch to NERVE network and add the token to check.

If you have any other question, welcome to join Nabox communities. We will help you.

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Please keep following us, we will give out airdrops, Gift Cards, and red packets from time to time!

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