How to manage your assets and DApps on XDC network

Step 1: Install Nabox Wallet🔗 (You can choose Android APP, iOS APP and Google Chrome Plugin to download. The toturial takes iOS APP as example.)

Step 2: Create a new account or import your wallet by inputting your private key or mnemonic phrase⚠️Please keep your private key, mnemonic phrase and wallet password in a safe place. We recommend you to write these on paper and keep your notes in a safe place, away from the Internet.

Step 3: Click upper left logo to switch your network to XinFin, then you can manage your assets on XDC network.

Step 4: Click “Discover’’ on the bottom to enter the DApp page, and you can find DApps directly on XDC network. What’s more, you can also search or input the link of the DApp you want on the top to enter⚠️Be aware of your assets safety when you enter the third party