How to Install Nabox Chrome Extension on your browser

Greetings Naboxers!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add the Nabox Chrome extension wallet to your browser.

You can do this in 5 easy steps.

  • Step 1:
    Open the Chrome browser on your device, and then visit our website via this link:

  • Step 2:
    On the website, click on Chrome Plugin. A drop down menu will appear with two options, select “Chrome store download” and it will automatically take you to the Chrome Web store.

  • Step 3:
    On the Chrome Web store, select “Add to chrome”

  • Wait for a few seconds, and you will see a notification to “Add extension”.

  • Congratulations! Nabox has been added to your Chrome browser.

  • Step 4: After the extension has been successfully added, click on the icon on the top right corner of your screen and open the Nabox extension.

  • Step 5: Set your password and confirm it or import an existing account.

  • Voilà! your Nabox wallet is ready for use.