How to download Nabox Extension Wallet and Transfer on Shardeu Testnet


Nabox now supports assets and DApps from Shardeum Testnet. :tada:

Welcome to download and explore the power of Shardeum with Nabox on Android, iOS, and Google Chrome Extension.

With Nabox, you can securely mange your Shardeum assets, while also accessing innovative DApps of Shardeum ecosystem.

1. How to download Nabox Extension Wallet?

Visit Website

Click “Add to Chrome"

When installed, please import or create an account

Click the button in the upper right corner of the wallet to switch chains (such as Shardeum Testnet).

2. How to Transfer on Shardeu Testnet?

Click “Send”

Enter the receiving address, transfer amount, select Fee, and click “Next”.

Click “Confirm”

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