How to Cross-chain NABOX Tokens from NULS to BSC with NerveBridge

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Google Play:

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Step 1:
Visit and connect your wallet address using your Nabox Chrome extension.

After clicking on Nabox, select your account and confirm authorization.

Step 2:
Click on import addresses to import your address from your Nabox chrome extension wallet.

Proceed to sign the prompt for signature request.

Step 3:
Select the chain you are converting from, which in this case is the NULS chain.

Step 4:
Then select the chain you are converting to, which is the BSC chain in this case.

Step 5:
Select the asset that you want to convert, which is the NABOX tokens on the NULS blockchain. Input the amount and make sure you have some NULS tokens, because you will be needing it as fees.

Click on Next and let the magic happen!

HELP the crosschain has failed and I have not received the funds back ]

the transfer bot has put the gas wrong and the transfer got stuck.