How many lost funds by using crosschain swap in nabox wallet

Just I tried to transfer my nabox to nulls chain to nerve chain after waiting for 4 weeks because transaction unconfirmed after I see now it’s failed and I didn’t get my nabox back in my nullschain so what will I do have any one same problem share and tell me solve how to get back tokens if I already lost thanks nabox wallet

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Hi, please send the transaction hash of the NULS chain, and I will let the technicians handle it for you. Please rest assured that the assets are on the chain and will not be lost :grinning:


Your assets have been credited, please check.

Thanks Nabox team yes I got my funds

Hello,I have an issue with my Nabox wallet, all of a sudden my Nulls are gone from my wallet and a Bad Gateway appears

Sir here is team for help I have issue I just raised here they solved it in 24 hours please write your issue I will raise your issue here hope team will solve as soon as possible.
Don’t worry this is trustful platform your funds are safe no one take your funds.

Hello, please download the latest multi-chain version wallet.
Official Website:
iOS link: Join the Nabox beta - TestFlight - Apple
Android link:

Already downloaded sir

I deed ,but do to past losses of cryptocurrencies, how can a trust a file to be installed on my phone when I get the warning not to trust the software source.
Please let me know .
Thank you

Sir I guarantee you about this platform I just checked small amount and big amount in this platform they always refund what you lost by crossswap in this platform by there mistake but if you do mistake no refunds that but it’s secure and you know how many times you get crosschain swap from other platform .I can say it’s better than other platform

And also other platform that how much secure you know better safety is that you have to secure yourself first don’t share your private key to anyone even they said they are from any platform

I did installed the apk. File for android, and what do I have to do next? Because I got the "app is not installed " notifications.

Hello sir please install from play store and then make your wallet and save your keys

Appears to be a misunderstanding, I did have my Nabox. Wallet from more than 1 year ,I had my Nulls there and I was staking it,still is in a staking mode.
Couple of days ago I checked my wallet and than I startedbto see Bad Gateway notice and my Nulls frozen and not frozen not showing up on my wallet .

Because nuls chain upgrading sir that time my funds also stuck but now working normal

What should I do then?

Wait I will raise this issue to team they will solve this as soon as possible
They will solve this. Don’t worry sir.

Hi,Please download the latest version of Nabox multi-chain wallet, the old wallet is invalid.

Official Website:
iOS link: Join the Nabox beta - TestFlight - Apple
Android link:

Please join the Nabox TG community:Telegram: Contact @naboxcommunity

Thanks Nabox team for help