AMA RECAP ID Crypto X Nabox Wallet

Speaker : Clinton – Nabox Community Manager
Date : Friday Oct, 15th 2021




IDCRYPTO: Please introduce the Nabox multi-chain digital identity box, a rising star of Web3.0.

Clinton:Nabox is a cross-chain wallet featuring digital identity features built for Web 3. Nabox aims to help projects to achieve rapid circulation on multiple chains in a decentralized manner .

Nabox has been connected to 6 blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, Heco, OKExChain, NULS,NerveNetwork and Harmony .

Nabox allows users to traverse across multi-chain assets between different blockchain addresses with one just one click under one digital blockchain identity.

Nabox has many features such as multi-chain wallets, cross-chain exchange and other scenarios, POS staking, community management and more. Nabox, as a fundamental tool, will help these high-performance public chains such as BSC, Heco, OEC, NULS to become more important infrastructure for the expansion of the Ethereum Layer2 network.

IDCRYPTO: As we can see, there is a NaboxSwap in Nabox, what can we do about it?

Clinton:The main function of NaboxSwap is as a cross-chain exchange. It contains two components: Nabox Aggregator and Nabox Pool. Nabox users can participate in single coin staking and yield farming when NaboxSwap is launched .

The Nabox aggregator connects dApps from different public chains through the Nabox multi-chain system, which helps Nabox users to find the most efficient transaction combination in different networks .

The Nabox pool is composed of stable coins and other mainstream coins from various blockchains on NerveNetwork. It provides Nabox users with cross-chain transactions with almost 0% slippage, forming a liquidity pool for Nabox cross-chain transactions.


When users perform USDT asset multi-chain exchange on NaboxSwap, the transaction has zero slippage, fast speed, and low handling fee, which will be a core advantage of NaboxSwap. NaboxSwap creates a smooth route for USDT to cross-chain exchange freely, last but not least, NaboxSwap will add so much more scenarios that are compatible for USDT assets.

When users exchange other assets or proceed cross-chain exchanges in NaboxSwap, they will use a route integrated with multiple swaps, the system will automatically pick the best route, as time goes by, more Swap routes will be gradually aggregated in Nabox in the future.We will continue to provide our users a better and faster experience.

IDCRYPTO:What are the advantages of Nabox in this field?

Clinton:Nabox, as the gateway to Web 3.0 applications, has integrated the underlying cross-chain of NerveNetwork, enabling the cross-chain assets registered in NerveNetwork to transfer to other blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Heco,OEC, NULS,NerveNetwork,Harmony, Polygon and KCC.

At present, Nabox supports hundreds of assets such as BUSD, HUSD, BNB, HT to cross-chain exchange.

Nabox supports asset management on multi-chain and DApp ecological access to multiple blockchains through a single private key, instead of creating multiple chain wallet addresses manually.

Nabox also Supports multi-chain DApp to switch between accounts and networks .

IDCRYPTO: How does Nabox empower the development of DeFi and GameFi projects?

Clinton:Another great question, thank you.

Nabox has recently launched the GameFi column. We currently have about 40,000 Nabox users at the moment, and this number will continue to grow as the product matures. Nabox will cooperate with NULS, NerveNetwork and other organizations to promote DeFi and GameFi projects .

Meanwhile, as the gateway wallet of WEB3.0, Nabox supports users from Ethereum, BSC, Heco, OKExChain, NULS, Harmony, Polygon, KCC, etc to use DeFi and GameFi projects across the chain.

We are looking for a collaboration and a double win situation. What we have to offer is to provide you with DApp and Token support, Meanwhile We can also promote your project on Twitter and the Nabox Telegram community. We have dozens of communities with more than 100,000 members .

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IDCRYPTO: What is the economic model of NABOX Token? And is there a destroy or burning plan?

Clinton:Yes sure everyone is welcome to join our community, more giveaways are airdrops are coming up soon.


Clinton:The following chart explains how Nabox tokens were distributed. For more details, you can check Litepaper. We will talk about the function and value of Nabox Token here.

NABOX is a functional governance token that will be applied to DID to obtain a different identity in the future, the registration fee will be destroyed. In order to provide better products and improve users’ experience, no exchange fee will be charged from the users in the beginning. When the cross-chain exchange reaches a certain scale, a little exchange fee will be charged, but a portion of the exchange fee will be used for repurchasing and burning NABOX. What’s more important is that these fees will be coming from the corresponding slippage and gas fees-this part will be a huge market.

The total amount of NABOX is huge, and the economic model design is very good for new users’ giveaway. With the free coins, new users will be able to experience our decentralized Nabox products and they can feel the difference from these traditional Internet applications. With all that being done, we hope users can understand the logic of encrypted assets and blockchain.

With the benefits we are getting out of cross-chain, NABOX now can switch between multiple blockchain networks. You can hook it onto Nervenetwork without Gas fees, or on Ethereum which has the most DeFi applications.

After the cross-chain Swap is launched in the future, a portion of the fees on all platforms will be used to repurchase NABOX Token and destroy them. And with the increase of users, Nabox’s Token value will be maintained.

IDCRYPTO: Please share the development plan of the Nabox project.

Clinton:Okay, it’s a pleasure to do that.

Nabox team is currently in discussion with many DeFi and GameFi applications, in order to continuously improve user experience and meet multi-demand scenarios.

At the same time, joint application project parties for multi-channel and multi-platform joint publicity.Continue to develop more Dapp for BSC, Heco, OEC, Ethereum ecosystem.Continue to connect Nabox with more public chains such as TRON, Polkadot .

After cross-chain swap launches, there will be more projects and investments involved in the construction of NaboxSwap and Nabox pool’s ecosystem.

Here, please check the development roadmap of Nabox in the third and fourth quarters of 2021:

The market is changing and our next plan for the future is that we hope Nabox will become a digital identity gateway for Web3 applications. We hope to build a product that brings great experience for our users through which we can fulfill our vision of DID application.


IDCRYPTO:Is there any special requirement for user to use your wallet? who is eligible and not eligible for use Nabox? thankyou.
From @Minxzee

Clinton:Nabox is a decentralized multi-chain wallet that can be used by every community member without any restrictions, Download link.

kind note here: the private key of the decentralized wallet is in the hands of the user. Please be sure to keep the private key in a safe place, and do not authorize any third party apps. Nabox will keep updating and providing better experiences to all users .

IDCRYPTO: I think your project is great so how is the way to buy your token? any presale and publicsale?
From @Efri38095207

Clinton:Nabox is still in the early stages of the road map. You can purchase Nabox tokens by participating in LP mining on DEX such as Pancakeswap, Biswap, Apeswap, HoneyFarm and so on, in the BSC ecosystem. Nabox tokens can also be purchased on CEX such as Hoo, Bitmart, and LBank.

IDCRYPTO:Nabox claims it plans to implement a digital identity (DID) system in the long run. Can you explain how this system would work and what advantages it will provide to Naboxwallet users?
From @Nht25456236

Clinton:In the Web3.0 world, people have been relying on the Internet and digital products like ever before, having digital identity is becoming a must for almost everyone. However,frequent KYC verification on various platforms has a high risk of information leaking and time costing, and it’s quite a lot of work to set up different identities on various platforms, meanwhile Personal data is usually stored in a centralized database, which put everything out there in a risk places for the hackers to attack, and there are also serious data privacy leakage and identity stealing issues.

With all that being discussed, users’ data privacy protection has become the first problem to be solved. With the help of blockchain, users can create their own public and private key and can fully take control and manage the identities datas.

Nabox, as a digital identity box built for Web3.0. The DID is designed to be a decentralized digital identity for users to log into other centralized applications and traditional Internet applications.

IDCRYPTO:I heard about the partnership between Nabox and Cronos. What kind of collaboration will be established in the future ? Can we know more details information about it ?
From @HalimKosasi

Clinton:In the next few months, we will reach the following cooperation with Cronos:

  1. The Nabox plug-in wallet will support Cronos mainnet and DApps.
  2. The Nabox APP mobile application will support Cronos mainnet and DApps.
  3. Nabox will support Cronos asset transfer and cross-chain transfer.
  4. NaboxSwap will support cross-chain interaction between other chains supported by Nabox and Cronos assets.
  5. Users can achieve asset interaction between Cronos network and other networks using Nabox wallet. Last but not least, Nabox allows users to participate in Dapps from multiple blockchains and transfer assets between different networks efficiently and freely.

IDCRYPTO:How about simplicity to use your Wallet? are Nabox have several version to serve a better experience for users, like web version, extension chrome version, or pocket/smartphone version? thanks.
From @alenaautoshop

Clinton:There are 2 ways to get Nabox.

  1. Chrome extension Nabox wallet
  2. Download Nabox wallet at

Here are some tutorials on how to use Nabox products, please refer to .

IDCRYPTO:Thanks you for answering every question in this session.I hope our community understand to your explanation.


Salar Put:Do you have a user referral or ambassador programme that we can use to bring in new users? What are the several ways that your project makes income/revenue, and what is its “Revenue Model”? How might it assist both the investor and your project in a win-win situation?

Clinton:We are always talking to new potential partners. Projects like NFTCircle have already been onboarded and we look forward to adding new partners and helping existing partners create exciting updates.

মামুর বেটা:Is @Graea_e project a local project or a global project ? Can anyone use @Graea_e services from anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using @Graea_e service ?

Clinton:Nabox is a Global project, we also have set up local communities to be a able to reach grass root levels. Anyone can use can use Nabox from anywhere in the world except for countries that have restricted crytocurrency.

Any plan for you expand to another network such as AVAX, Solana, Polygon ?

Clinton:We are always looking to work with other partners and chains. At the moment, Polygon is the closest to happening and we will keep the community updated as we add more chains as the product matures.

Minh Quang:Where can I buy tokens now? What is Nabox contract?

Clinton:We are currently listed on several Dex and Cex. Some of them include Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Biswap, Lbank and DoDo and many more.

For Clarity, here is a list of our smart contract addresses:






একটা কিউ মারছি0033:Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something ?? Can you share it with us?

Clinton:Yes we do, please join our community for more recent updates and tutorial

This QuickStart Guide should help.

IDCRYPTO:Thanks for @Graea_e who gave us the time to share this knowledge, I hope we will understand more about Nabox.

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