Nabox Weekly Issue 4

Nabox Backend

  • Nabox Asset Management Functional Test
  • Development of Nabox DApp Shelf Management
  • Optimize Nabox transaction processing efficiency
  • Docking heterogeneous chain cross-chain transfer to Nerve network function


  • Complete the docking of Swap module and front-end convertible asset query and display
  • Complete the Swap module user balance information query docking
  • Process Optimization for Pledge and Mining
  • Page development of asset pledge and mining close to completion

Nabox APP

  • Optimize the use of YYCache to process the cache of the home page chain configuration interface, and realize relevant logic
  • Solve the problem that the cross-link transfer page may crash
  • Solve the problem of getting the context object of the current page in the code
  • Add fingerprint input to authorized operations on transfer and cross-link transfer pages
  • Cross-chain transfer part, fix the problem that if the user does not pay attention to the asset it will cause it to crash
  • Set fingerprint/face payment switches separately for different wallets
  • Interface Bug Caused by Top Navigation Bar Moving Up during Global Adaptation Keyboard Input
  • Anti-shake click processing for the home page
  • To import the private key page, click next to add loading and anti-shake processing
  • Replace the welcome page and home page with mvp
  • Transaction details interface support drop-down refresh
  • Create a wallet offline, and then open the network, manually call the synchronous update interface
  • Solve the problem that dapp will crash when switching accounts when entering the web page without chainId
  • Modify the accuracy of the copy address at the transaction details
  • Resolve the problem that when clicking on the first page asset list activity will crash

Community Operation