Nabox Joins REI DAO Node Campaign

Dear REI Community,

Nabox is a cross-chain DID application built for Web3. Nabox provides users with secure and convenient services such as asset&NFT management, token swap, and market query. Nabox uses asymmetric cryptography as the DID foundation, where users manage assets and data on different blockchains through the same set of private keys and public keys. SwapBox aggregates mainstream DEX to provide users with token swap and cross-chain bridge, intelligently searching for the best swap path.

As a family of the REI ecosystem, it is a pleasure that we can build together. Wallet as an important user entrance, we hope to contribute to the prosperity of REI ecosystem applications with our multi-chain capabilities. Nabox not only provides token management for REI Networork, but also includes the main DApps of the ecosystem,which can be easily found on Nabox. Nabox has launched Chrome plugin, Android App, and iOS App. In these terminals, DApps are all set up for REI network, so users can easily enter and use.

These will be long-term sustainable. Considering the running of wallet, we provide node and Network security maintenance. Also, we are happy to answer anything we can for REI community if you have any questions, for helping new users to learn and use REI ecological applications faster. In the future, we will continue to make more contributions to the development of the REI Network ecosystem!

We sincerely appreciate that REI community will support us to vote for NABOX node!

The voting link:

Nabox Team

26th, Aug 2022